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Reliability Is Our Specialty

Our team works in the most professional manner to ensure all your needs are met.

G T Plumbing & Heating in Kapuskasing: More Than Just Plumbers!

As its name indicates, G T Plumbing & Heating is an enterprise offering general and specialized plumbing services in and around Kapuskasing. Our experienced plumbers possess the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure your whole plumbing system, which includes your heating and cooling appliances and systems, works perfectly around the clock.

Expertise You Can Trust

At G T Plumbing & Heating, we understand that entrusting your renovation or construction projects to dependable professionals is of the utmost importance in our industry. Backed by 35 successful years, our team is the one you need!

Over the years, we have truly become a pillar of the plumbing industry. Why? We strongly believe in investing in our employees by making continuing education available to them. The positive effect of that principle can be seen by their loyalty towards the company along with the proven quality of their work.


Residential and Commercial

Even though we started by only serving the residential sector of Kapuskasing, our ambition and will to offer our services to different markets have pushed us to extend and diversify our services as well as our service area. For a few years now, the commercial and public sector of the Northern Ontario region can benefit from our mastery in plumbing, heating and cooling.

Service Areas

Residential:  Smooth Rock Falls (eastern Kapuskasing) - Opasatika (western Kapuskasing)

Commercial:  All of Northern Ontario

Find the Perfect Temperature

We go all out to guarantee you’ll remain comfortable in your own home.

Commercial Services

We handle all plumbing matters, including heating and cooling equipment.

Serving Since 1984

G T Plumbing & Heating has been a pillar in the industry for almost 35 years!

Brands Carried

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Professional Affiliations

All G T Plumbing & Heating employees are certified by a variety of organizations to perform their assigned tasks. Also, to secure our team’s safety, we follow the rules and regulations established by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority ( TSSA ).

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